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Linda in Peru
Linda Tello, Ph.D., P.E., in Peru with the Q'ero

My Story

My first memory of wanting to work with Indigenous peoples of the Andes is as a little girl of about 5 years old. I had a yearning in my heart that I didn’t understand, but I knew I would one day follow. This yearning led me to Shamanic training developed by Michael Harner, and ultimately, teachers trained by the Four Winds Society.

Throughout my journey, I realized my heartfelt yearning was the call of my Andean ancestors, the Pijaos of Colombia. This call eventually led me to Dona Asunta Quispe, the daughter of the Last Inca, Don Manuel Quispe. Dona Asunta’s unexpected death in October 2019, connected me to her family; and most closely, to her middle son, Ruben Apaza…

View video of this water spigot project.

Change the World with Us

To shift perspectives formed by myopic social systems that have limited opportunities for Indigenous peoples, WEE works directly with the Q’ero to identify culturally appropriate solutions. By supporting Education, Environment, Economic, and Experiential projects directly managed by members of the community, Indigenous potential and agency is promoted and practiced. Program areas include:

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Experience
Peruvian youth looking at a camera

Mission & Vision

Our mission is promoting an understanding of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people’s knowledge systems.

Our vision is the re-grounding of modern science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) via worldwide traditional knowledge systems.

Meet the Q'ero


Your donations directly support Whole Earth Engineering, Inc.’s work with communities that have held unbroken connections to Mother Nature for millennia. Your generosity enables the people to use their agency to manifest the visions they have for the preservation and evolution of their traditional lifestyles. A heartfelt thank you.